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  • Karolina Szczęsna

KFB Acoustics raised PLN 3 million from Nunatak Capital

KFB Acoustics is the latest investment of Nunatak Capital fund. Although it is not a typical start-up (revenues of PLN 26.5 million and multi-million EBIDTA), the company fits perfectly into the fund's investment strategy as a leader in the noise management market using advanced data science tools in its technologies.

KFB Acoustics operates in the acoustics and noise management market since 2009, providing comprehensive solutions for the industry in the field of vibroacoustic analysis, noise dampening, and vibration reduction. The company serves many manufacturing and industrial plants in the DACH (Germany-Austria-Switzerland) area and its clients include some of the largest industrial and manufacturing companies in the world including SwissKrono, Ciech, Orlen, PKP, 3M, Veolia, Volkswagen, Ikea, Volvo, BMW, Unilever. In 2019. KFB Acoustics obtained the status of Research and Development Center, where, in addition to providing measurement services, projects related to virtual prototyping, rapid-prototyping, and testing of prototype noise management solutions are implemented.

KFB continuously conducts R&D and invests in innovative solutions gaining a competitive edge. In recent years, KFB has focused heavily on Big Data, developing, among others, a system for intelligent noise monitoring in a distributed architecture with algorithms automatically expanding the sound library. Ultimately, the system will be extended with functionalities from the predictive maintenance area allowing to minimize costly downtime in production operations by identifying potential problems in the operation of machinery and equipment based on the sounds and vibrations they emit. The partnership with Nunatak Capital, from which KFB raised PLN 3 million, will significantly support this area of the company's operations.

- "KFB Acoustics intends to rely on advanced data analysis, which we believe is the future of this industry. A good example is the so-called predictive maintenance developed by the company. The standard for this type of solution is to assess the condition of machines based on vibrations, while KFB Acoustics goes a step further and by using sound analysis wants to identify problems faster and more accurately" - says Piotr Cizkowicz, Managing Partner at Nunatak Capital.

The Nunatak Capital team has years of experience in science and business, as well as know-how in the area of data science, which will support KFB Acoustics in scaling the business and raising capital to develop the R&D center further. "With this round, we will launch Europe's most modern acoustics R&D center, and the next step will be to internationalize the business by creating a network of branches across Europe." - says Filip Baranski, Ph.D., CEO and Co-Founder at KFB Acoustics.


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