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  • Karolina Szczęsna

Mindgram joins Nunatak Capital’s portfolio

Nunatak Capital participated in Mindgram's latest funding round, hailed as Europe's largest mental health-related seed round. The investment was supported by a number of international partners. Together with Credo Ventures, PortfoLion and existing investors Market One Capital and Pamoja Capital, we invested €7 million.

Mindgram is a B2B mental health and well-being platform that provides access to psychological support and offers extensive personal development opportunities for employees and their families. The company was launched in February 2021 and in less than a year has built and released its own product, covering over 51,000 employees (and their families). In the past year, the number of Mindgram's clients has increased fivefold, including around 50 of Poland's largest companies and corporations such as Pfizer, Deloitte, Orange, UPC, Packhelp, DB Schenker, 4F, BIK, Euro RTV AGD, Mary Kay, Carlsberg, among others.

- “We are excited to support Mindgram with our data-science expertise on its way to developing data-driven mental care solutions. Mindgram will offer its customers new features as hyper-personalization, company well-being data monitoring, text-based therapy automation, and digital phenotyping to build its unique value proposition” - comments Piotr Ciżkowicz, Managing Partner of Nunatak Capital and Associated Professor at Warsaw School of Economics. Mindgram will use the raised funds to develop the platform into personalized psychological care, data-driven well-being monitoring tools and to expand overseas into Spain, Portugal and LatAm.

We encourage you to read Mindgram's press release on the investment.


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