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  • Karolina Szczęsna

Nunatak Capital led the first seed round for Quantee, investing $700K

Nunatak Capital had the privilege to lead the first seed financing round for Quantee Sp. z o.o. investing 700k USD together with FundingBox DeepTech Fund.

Quantee is an AI-based dynamic insurance pricing engine aiming to enable all insurance carriers to build fully personalized products. Their innovative SaaS platform is built on proprietary technology and developed by an internal team of Data Science, software developers, and insurance pricing experts. Quantee is a truly born-global start-up serving clients internationally from day one, such as DKV Seguros (Spain, Group ERGO), InterRisk (Poland, Group VIG), HannoverRe (Germany, Group Talanx), Compensa (Poland, Group VIG), Komisja Nadzoru Finansowego.

Insurance companies fiercely fight for market share, knowing that dynamic and flexible offers can significantly reduce risk and increase profitability. A large amount of market and customer data allows for building AI-driven models to optimize the offer and bring benefits for both, insurers and their customers. Quantee supports insurance companies with a powerful tool to adjust offers to customers' preferences and market trends in real-time, on a huge scale that can truly disrupt this sector.

“We chose to invest in Quantee because we see a unique opportunity to create value through data analytics in dynamic pricing models. Already, large amounts of market and customer data allow for more flexible and personalized offers, resulting in reduced risk and improved margin model efficiency. This trend will continue with the ability to capture and process more and more data, to the benefit of insurers and their customers.” comments Piotr Ciżkowicz, Managing Partner Nunatak Capital and Professor at the Warsaw School of Economics.

Gathered funds will support further growth of Quantee, expansion to the UK and Spanish

markets and further development of the software.

We encourage you to check out the latest press release on Quantee’s investment.


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