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Drawing from date,
driven by science.

Data Science Investment Fund.


Why nunatak?

nunatak /ˈnʌn.ə.tæk/


A nunatak is a mountain that projects above a glacier, often completely isolated and surrounded by an ice cap. The glacier creates an environment that is the only chance for many forms of life to thrive. 


Nunatak Capital was created for startups that face complex challenges and constraints as they pursue their visionary projects. Our data science expertise and belief in entrepreneurship and innovation allow us to support ambitious teams in creating unique solutions.


Our team.

Nunatak Capital is a team of scientists, managers and experts focusing on Data Science.


Investment focus.

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01. Data Science first.

We invest in Teams that base the value of the startups they build on Data Science solutions. We are looking not only for startups that create new technologies, but also those that use existing technology to build the potential of their products. We invest wherever Data Science is used and where technology creates the unique value proposition. We support our portfolio companies in building effective data analytics and optimization solutions.

02. Investments from pre-seed to early growth stage.

The startup development stage does not restrain us, but we are most willing to invest in companies that can prove that their solution is adjusted to market needs.

03. Operational support.

We are scientists, managers and entrepreneurs with extensive academic and business experience. We share it with startup Teams we invest in.  We combine capital, knowledge and operational involvement to support Teams in writing their own  success stories.





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